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Sports Bar Top Of The Line XLERATOR


Buffalo Wild Wings is a haven for sports fans of all kinds and takes prides in being the “ultimate place to watch a game”. They were recently featured in a video case study by Excel for many of the locations choosing to use XLERATOR hand dryers in their restrooms. Full disclosure: We may have sold our fast hand dryers to a few of the locations ourselves.

Their reasoning for using our XLERATOR fast hand dryers is pretty brilliant. We share a few below:

  • Internally speaking, the hand dryers help the Buffalo Wild Wings service staff use the restroom, wash their hand thoroughly and dry their hands completely in seconds. This allows them to spend more time with their customers and not serve their customers with the less than appetizing still-wet-from-the-bathroom-hands!
  • As a sports fan, there are few things worse then being stuck in a bathroom and missing a goal, touchdown or home run. With the XLERATOR’s 10-15 second dry time it ensures that any sports fan can use the restroom and return with dry, clean hands without missing a minute.

If you are considering using XLERATOR hand dryers in your bar, restaurant or sports establishment, call us at (888) 984-3379 to talk to an XLERATOR expert. 

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