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Case Study: High School Benefits


Longmeadow High School in Massachusetts was designed to be eco-friendly and needed an alternative to paper towels. They decided XLERATOR hand dryers to be installed in restrooms, and in art and science classrooms. With over 1000 people using the building at any given day, eliminating paper towels made a huge impact on operational costs and, in turn, the culture of the school.

With paper towels no longer in the picture Longmeadow was brighter and cleaner. The staff and students didn't miss all the unnecessary clutter in restrooms and hallways. Plus, without paper towels, the class prankster couldn't clog the sink and toilets any longer!

By choosing XLERATOR hand dryers, Longmeadow High School, re-allocated custodial man hours to large projects and urgent matters. They reduced operational and energy expenses. And, importantly, enhanced their reputation as a high school that is making a positive step forward. 

If you are an operations manager for a school, hospital or other large facility, call us at (888) 984-3379 to talk to an XLERATOR expert.

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